• Alex Artwork


  • "If I lack anything, it is a lady whom I can sacrifice my soul for..."
  • "Poetry, music and songs...Besides etiquette, there is no difference between a knight and a mercenary.'
  • "Awaiting orders from Lord is a knight's virtue!"
  • "Whether we fought for a cause is something history will decide."


  • He is referred to as Paladin in the game's asset files.
  • His Alex Dragon Knight Alex costume resembles that of Cecil Harvey's from the game Final Fantasy IV.
  • Alex Alex is so chivalrous that he would go to the point of death for a lady. As a result, Deborah Deborah bullies him.
  • Alex Alex is voiced by Sung-ho Jang (장성호), who is also the voice actor of Gillan Gillan.
  • His Active Skill 3, Stun Giga-break, is a reference to the Giga Drill Break technique from the anime series Gurren Lagann.


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