Chris Chris is the first hero you will acquire on the game by default. She is a Paper icon Paper property and Defense icon Defense type fighter specializing in close quarters combat and defending allies.


Chris Chris is a warrior hailing from the ancient times. She was adopted by Ronfel, the First Knight Captain of the Lagrangian Empire, and succeeded him as the 2nd Captain. She was poisoned and killed by Silverre, the Emperor of the Lagrangian Empire, fearing maybe Chris would try to kill him for killing her father. The Lord Lord revives her through the use of heroic genes. Upon waking to the present time, Chris asks the Lord who she is and what she is doing here, in which he replies that he has summoned her to do his bidding. Chris then serves him with unswerving loyalty.

As it turns out, in Ancient Times, wars were constantly waged between the different countries. Chris herself lost her right arm to some mercenaries hired by the opposing country, but regained it during her restoration.


STATS Star StarStar StarStarStar StarStarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar Star2Star2Star2Star2Star2
MAX Level Lv30 Lv40 Lv50 Lv60 Lv70 Lv70
HP 3300 7866 13659 21188 31354 61314
MP 80 89 101 117 141 155
Attack 634 1503 2608 4047 5992 11711
Defense 2011 2200 2444 2745 3106 3436
Dodge 411 450 499 591 635 703
Crit Rate 274 299 333 374 424 469
Counter Rate 9.5%
Counter Damage 64%
Mastery 7400
Cooperation A
Movement 5
Growth Rate Normal

* Stats reflected are base stats per star level without equipments, potentials, or skill bonuses


  • "Ready to go forth, Lord! At your orders!"
  • "I will protect you with my life!"
  • "What? You mean the world I used to live is gone now? When did that happen? Not that it matters much though…"