• Defense down Knight's Will has a very large Defense reduction. Placing Chris Chris at the first turn will maximize its effect for your allies.


  • Stacking Defense is generally built for Chris Chris by most players. This is most recommended since she draws aggro from enemies with her passive, Defense up Defense Training.
  • To maximize her debuff and stun-lock potential, it is generally recommended to build Hit Rate for Chris Chris
    • Her low attack values makes building Crit inefficient.


  • Even as a Defense icon Defense-type hero, Chris Chris takes huge damage from Scissors icon Scissors-property heroes. This is due to the fact that most Scissors icon Scissors-property heroes have high damage boosters on them (i.e. Chenny Chenny, Lee Lee) or innate defense penetration (i.e. Chenny Chenny, Muang Muang).
  • Having Stun Stun immunity on potentials can help prevent Chris Chris from locking you down.

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