Third Mana Stabilization

Third Mana Stabilization is the last scenario encountered on Company.

Completing this Scenario unlocks access to the next dungeon, and rewards the player with a First Time Clearance Reward of 5 Crystals.

Third Mana Stabilization
Icon Mas 05:"This is the Ancient Magic Sigil. What do we do now, Chris?"
Icon Chris 05:"Our Lord will freeze the mana. We'll wait quietly in the background."
Icon Lord 05:"*Performs The Spell*"
Icon Ian 05:"This is the third mana stabilization... How many more times do we have to do this, Lord?"
Icon Lord 05:"There are 10 Magic Sigils across the continent. We've frozen 3 of them."
Icon Alfred 05:"So there are 7 left? Where do we have to go next?"
Icon Lord 05:"The next Ancient Magic is in Vulcan. Let's leave the mine."
Icon Ian 05:"...Why are Mas' eyes are closed? Is he feeling dizzy?"
Icon Mas 05:"This mana stabilization... was really surprising. I felt an invisible wave of power."
Icon Mas 05:"Ahh, an inspiration... An inspiration has hit me! I must perform...!"

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