Bard Mas

Bard Mas is the first scenario encountered on Company.

Completing this Scenario unlocks access to the next dungeon, and rewards the player with a First Time Clearance Reward is a Hero Mas.

Bard Mas
Icon Lord 05:"Hmm... Your performance moved me. Your called Mas? It really was a pleasure. Excellent. Genius!"
Icon Mas 05:""G-Genius"...! Nobody's called me that before! Thanks you so much! Thank you!"
Icon Ian 05:"Was that an excellent performance? Did I hear that differently cause I'm a cat?"
Icon Chris 05:"It sounded excellent to my ears. An excellent sonic attack, that is."
Icon Alfred 05:"Those people, I don't know if it's their ears or their heads are that are weird."
Icon Mas 05:""Your music is strange", "you can't play", "give up", that's what everybody tells me..."
Icon Mas 05:"But finally someone has praised my music! *sniffs with a tear...* Finally somebody get's me!"
Icon Lord 05:"The fools couldn't appreciate your music, eh Mas?"
Icon Lord 05:"Same to me. People said to me, "Your no good at magic.", "Your delusional", "It's useless"..."
Icon Lord 05:"But I didn't believe them! I believed in my talent!"
Icon Mas 05:"Wow!"
Icon Alfred 05:"(What unexpected kindness! So what if their ears peculiar? They're consoling one another...)"
Icon Lord 05:"I'll show them all! When I conquer the world, they'll all have to admit my greatness!"
Icon Mas 05:"...World Conquest?!"
Icon Alfred 05:"(Oh no. Mas is going to think our Lord is lunatic! It's going to ruin the moment."
Icon Mas 05:"Wow! I never thought of it like this! Such powerful ambition! Such a sense of challenge! I want to follow your example!"
Icon Mas 05:"Listen... If it's okay, could I follow you as well? I want to record your deeds through my music!"
Icon Alfred 05:"Never mind, clearly they're both out of their minds!)"
Icon Lord 05:"Record my deed through music... That's not a bad idea... Fine. Please to have you with us, Mas."
Icon Alfred 05:"(Disciple! Disciple!)"
Icon Lord 05:"Yes?"
Icon Alfred 05:"Are you really thinking of letting that guy join us? Why? Any way you look at it, he must be out of his mind."
Icon Ian 05:"Is it because his weapon is clearly a terrifying weapon?"
Icon Lord 05:""A terrifying weapon"? Who said anything about "a terrifying weapon"? I simply like his music, and so I want to work with him."
Icon Lord 05:"Maybe some beautiful music can inspire us in battle. I like it."
Icon Alfred 05:"He was sincere! There's no stopping him!"
Icon Chris 05:"Whatever you say Lord! I will follow!"
Icon Mas 05:"Shall I play you a song to commemorate joining your group?"
Icon Lord 05:"Let's hear him out."
Icon Mas 05:"Na~ Nanana~ *Plays his Harp*"
*A New Hero Joins Your Party Mas Mas*

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