Prophet Sione

'Prophet Sione is the second scenario encountered on Company.

Completing this Scenario unlocks access to the next dungeon, and rewards the player with a First Time Clearance Reward of 5 Crystals.

Prophet Sione
Icon Mas 05:"Na~ Nanana~ *Performs his songs*"
*Wolves Appear*
Icon Chris 05:"Wolves?"
Icon Lord 05:"These are wolves Sione raises. As I suspected, she's watching us from nearby."
Icon Lord 05:"We're deliberately playing beautiful music to show that we have no intention to fight, so she'll show herself soon enough."
Icon Alfred 05:"(Wasn't the idea to create noise for the purpose of forcing her out...?)"
Icon Ian 05:"(It's lucky she didn't get angry and attack or something... I guess I need to get over these situations...)"
Icon Lord 05:"How long are you gonna hide yourself, Sione? Didn't you already know we'd show up?"
Icon Sione 05:"*Appears out of nowhere* Of course I knew... That's what it means to be a prophet. It's been a long time."
Icon Chris 05 & Icon Ian 05 & Icon Alfred 05 & Icon Mas 05:"!!! *Surprise*"
Icon Lord 05:"How was my performance? Do you like it?"
Icon Sione 05:"Of course. If not, I wouldn't have come this far otherwise. haha..."
Icon Lord 05:"You still speak as if you know everything. Do you also know why we're looking for you?"
Icon Sione 05:"You seem to want something... Hmm, it's not mine. It belongs to a dead person."
Icon Sione 05:"Do you need something amongst the papers left by Cain?"
Icon Lord 05:"We need information on the locations of the Ancient Magic Sigils. It should be in Cain's papers."
Icon Sione 05:"If I gave them to you, what will you give me in return?"
Icon Lord 05:"What do you want?"
Icon Sione 05:"How about... You? Haha. That was a joke. You hid me on your island when I was being hunted. Of course I'll help you for free."
Icon Sione 05:"*Gave the papers to Lord*"
Icon Lord 05:"Hmm, content seems good. Thank you."
Icon Sione 05:"Wait a minute. Wait"
Icon Sione 05:"Seeing the future through magic*"
Icon Sione 05:"... I see your future. It intersects with the fate of a world plunged into darkness..."
Icon Lord 05:"What do you mean?"
Icon Sione 05:"Be careful. I'm saying there are a lot of people entwined in your destiny."
Icon Sione 05:"Ahh, then I must be leaving. We'll meet again."
Icon Mas 05:"...I feel a little shaken. Those words just now... Was that a prophecy?"
Icon Alfred 05:""A world plunged into darkness"... She seems to know about the current crisis."
Icon Ian 05:"Meow... Anyway, it's foreboding."
Icon Chris 05:"Lord, have you found something in Cain's documents?"
Icon Lord 05:"It's clear. The location of the Ancient Magic Sigils are here. The closest one is... Ah! Inside Company itself."
Icon Lord 05:"Let's head to Krad Mines to stabilize mana."

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