Coocoo Capsules are items that can be bought from the shop and provide equipment by exchanging them for friend points or crystals.

Every once in a while the game holds a Rainbow Coocoo event that, unlike Golden Coocoos, raises the chance of getting set equipment capsules with Guaranteed 1 or more set item.


Gacha Coocoo Egg 00 Gacha Coocoo Egg 01 Gacha Coocoo Egg 02
Normal. Drops Normal grade equipment Rare. Drops Rare grade equipment Epic. Drops Epic grade equipment
Gacha Coocoo Egg 03 Gacha Coocoo Egg 04 Gacha Coocoo Egg 05
Unique. Drops Unique grade equipment Legendary. Drops Legendary grade equipment Black. Drops a piece of Set Equipment (Changed into "Rainbow""
Gacha Coocoo Egg 06 Gacha Coocoo Egg 17 Gacha Coocoo Egg 40
Tower of Dawn Set Equipment. Drops a full set of Set Equipment {Changed into "Rainbow") Friend point. Drops non-equipment items (gold, energy, etc.) Noblesse. During Noblesse event

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