The Corrupt Knight is a clone of the hero Kai Kai.



Skull Breaker

Inflicts 138.6% attack damage to the enemy. If more the 2 enemies are damaged this way, it has a 15.5% chance to cause Stun for 2 turns. If more than 3 enemies are damaged, it has a 23.2% chance to Stun.
Hp dependent

Corrupt Slash

Inflicts 143.9% attack damage to the enemy. If the target is Stunned, skill power increases by 23%.
Ignore def

Void Fear

Inflicts 160.1% attack damage and ignores 1800 Defense. If the target is Stunned, deal additional fixed damage of 6600.
Enemy count

Dark Aura

Instantly increases attack damage by 2.3% for every target hit by the skill.

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