Dasomier Battle Suit is a set item in the game Fantasy War Tactics.


Name Base bonuses
Dasomier Battlesuit 1
Mana Emitter

+ Attack

+ Crit Rate

Dasomier Battlesuit 2
Steam Armor

+ HP

+ Defense

Dasomier Battlesuit 3
Steam Core

+ HP

+ Defense


Condition Activated for 2 turns at the beginning of combat
2 Set Effect Increase Attack by 60%
3 Set Effect Increase Hit Rate by 2000


  • The set is perfect for damage dealers, the attack bonus is massive enough to kill targets. A common practice among players is to pair this along with a Ghost Step set since high movement stats synergies with this item to lessen the needed turns for reaching a target, thus, maximizing the efficiency of this item's effect.
  • Pairing this with a Beast Rain Project Prototype set will massively increase you attack for the the first two turns


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