Difference between You and Me is a set item in the game Fantasy War Tactics.


Name Base bonuses
Difference between You and Me 1
Blood Field

+ Attack

+ Crit Rate

Difference between You and Me 2
Bloody Wings

+ HP

+ Counter Rate

Difference between You and Me 3
Absolute Ward

+ Crit Rate

+ Hit Rate


Condition Activates when wearer's HP falls down below 75%
2 Set Effect Dodge + 1200
3 Set Effect -20% Critical Damage taken from enemy attacks


"Coming Soon"


A Noblesse Set Item - Raizel's main weapon is his skill "Blood Field" a much powerful attack compared to Raskreia Raskreia's, while the Absolute ward or his earring act as a seal of his powers and when unsealed, it reveals his true strength simultaneously showing his Bloody Wings.

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