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Glacier is a battlefield tile and one of the seven advantageous terrains in the game Fantasy War Tactics.


The Glacier terrain is characterized by its glass-like texture. It is accessible to all units, however, those without the terrain advantage will take damage whenever they stay on the tile. Units with Glacier terrain advantage will gain 20% increased damage to their attacks and will not take attrition damage.

Heroes with Glacier tile advantage

Icon Chenny 05 Magician Chenny
Icon Elektra 05 Fonea Queen Elektra
Icon Hella 05 Aide Hella
Icon Jin Kisaragi 05 Hero Jin Kisaragi
Icon Kitty 05 Android Kitty
Icon Lee 05 Psychokinetic Lee
Icon Lena 05 Diva Lena
Icon Nirvana 05 Healer Nirvana
Icon Nox 05 Vampire Nox
Icon Seira 05 Reaper Seira
Icon Shu-Shu 05 Little Angel Shu-Shu


Glacier tiles are commonly found on the regions of Lista.

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