Grass Icon

Grass is a battlefield tile and one of the seven advantageous terrains for the heroes in the game Fantasy War Tactics.


The Grass terrain is classified by its green, bushy texture. It is accessible and doesn't inflict attrition damage on to units standing on it. Heroes with a grass terrain advantage gains an additional 30% damage to their attacks.

Heroes with Grass tile advantage

Icon Alex 05 Lancer Alex
Icon Alfred 05 Professor Alfred
Icon Carrot 05 Big Shot Carrot
Icon Celestial 05 Dragon Celestial
Icon Chris 05 White Knight Chris
Icon Lucas 05 Zombie Lucas
Icon Mas 05 Bard Mas
Icon Mercedes 05 Elf Queen Mercedes
Icon Momo 05 White Rabbit Momo
Icon Noel 05 Successor Noel
Icon Raboff 05 General Raboff
Icon Raskreia 05 Lord Raskreia
Icon Reina 05 Wolf Hunter Reina


Grass is commonly found in the regions of Verna, Tezen, and Nereid.

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