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Lava is a battlefield tile and one of the seven advantageous terrains for heroes in the game Fantasy War Tactics.


The Lava tile is characterized by its red hot texture. It can be accessed by most units, however, those without the terrain advantage will take damage whenever they stay on the tile. Units with Lava terrain advantage will gain 20% increased damage to their attacks and will not take attrition damage.

Heroes with Lava tile advantage

Icon Dolores 05 Nouveau Riche Dolores
Icon Evan 05 Dragon Master Evan
Icon Jack 05 Werewolf Jack
Icon Jin 05 Mercenary Captain Jin
Icon Kai 05 Hero Kai
Icon Klein 05 Archmage Klein
Icon Krut 05 Orc Warrior Krut
Icon Moa 05 Black Magician Moa
Icon Muang 05 Pyromaniac Muang
Icon Poni 05 Phoenix Poni
Icon Ragna 05 Reaper Ragna
Icon Sonic Boom 05 Ninja Sonic Boom
Icon Spooky 05 Witch Spooky


Lava tiles are common in Vulcan although they can also be seen on certain instances such as the dragons' lair in Verna, the border of Company, the traps set up in the Glory castle, and at the deserts of Girgas.

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