Lena Lena is a Scissors icon Scissors property and Balance icon Balance type Hero. She focuses on offensive utility using her crowd control effects and debuffs.


Lena Lena is an Idol (Singer) that came from ancient times, she also possess a great strength of voice and an extraordinary charm. Although she was brought back thanks to Lord Lord, she still prefer the old era and places with a lot of people. Lena doesn't really care of Lord and his plans to conquer the world but helps him just for the attention.


STATS Star StarStar StarStarStar StarStarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar Star2Star2Star2Star2Star2
MAX Level Lv30 Lv40 Lv50 Lv60 Lv70 Lv70
HP 2,280 5,536 9,653 14,992 22,191 ?
MP 156 177 205 245 303 ?
Attack 677 1,603 2,782 4,318 6,396 ?
Defense 1,280 1,400 1,555 1,746 1,975 ?
Dodge 457 499 555 624 706 ?
Crit Rate 594 650 722 811 917 ?
Counter Rate 5.5%
Counter Damage 64%
Mastery 8,800
Cooperation A
Movement 3
Growth Rate Normal

* Stats reflected are base stats per star level without equipments, potentials, or skill bonuses


Lena Lena can be obtained by playing Dimensional Breakthrough to obtain 360 of her Gene Fragments.


  • "Is it show time? Now, everyone, listen to my song!"
  • "What an idiotic thing to say! Are you telling me to go now?! I haven't finished my makeup yet!"
  • "Eh...I don't like the way things are now. I don't even get a chance to show my performance..."
  • "I am Lena, the goddess of the battlefield...Stay Excited!"

Upon finishing an expedition:

  • "Wohoo! I've leveled up! I am so awesome!"
  • "Do I have to bring back loot like a penny-pincher? Here, take this."

Cooperation attacks with Persona Persona, Nox Nox and Fruel Fruel:

  • "It's showtime! Watch and Enjoy!☆"

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