Lord Costume 1st Bonus 2nd Bonus Picture How to Obtain
A Refreshing Trip to School Hero Defense: 200 Hero Critical Rate: 150
Illust Lord Cos 03
Shop>Costume: Crystal 1000
White Magician Costume Hero HP: 600 Hero Dodge: 150
Illust Lord Cos 02
Shop>Costume: Crystal 1000
Black Magician Costume Hero MP: 16 Hero Attack: 285
Illust Lord Cos 01
Shop>Costume: Crystal 1000
Noblesse Raizel Costume* Hero HP: 900 Hero MP: 24
Card Lord Cos 05
Shop>Costume: Crystal 1200
Ye Ran High School Raizel Costume* Hero Attack: 285 Hero MP Recovery: 3
Card Lord Cos 04
Shop>Costume: Crystal 1200
Magician Girl Costume* Hero Dodge: 100 Hero Hit Rate: 100
Event Shop: 3000 Strange Potions
White Witch Costume Hero HP:900 Hero Attack: 285
White Witch Lord
Shop>Costume: Crystal 1200
Black Witch Costume* Hero HP: 900 Hero Attack: 285
Black Witch Lord
Halloween Package Bundle: Crystal 2500
Lord in White Costume* ? ? Costume Package: $$$

*Limited Editions

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