Momo Momo is a Rock icon Rock property and Attack icon Attack type Hero. He specializes in wreaking havoc to enemies with his AOE abilities.


Momo is a mysterious assassin who utilize his weapon to quickly eliminate his target. Despite his appearance many fear him and those who make fun of him suffers a terrible fate.


STATS Star StarStar StarStarStar StarStarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar Star2Star2Star2Star2Star2
MAX Level Lv30 Lv40 Lv50 Lv60 Lv70 Lv70
HP 2280 5536 9653 14992 22191 ?
MP 136 153 176 208 254 ?
Attack 814 1916 3322 5155 7635 ?
Defense 1097 1200 1333 1497 1694 ?
Dodge 365 400 444 499 565 ?
Crit Rate 777 850 944 1060 1200 ?
Counter Rate 6%
Counter Damage 61%
Mastery 8400
Cooperation B
Movement 3
Growth Rate Fast

* Stats reflected are base stats per star level without equipments, potentials, or skill bonuses


Momo Momo can be obtained at the Ancient Coins shop. You need 45 of his gene fragments for a total of 675 Ancient Coins spent.

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