Moon Island is the 11th Region encountered on Lord Lord's journey for World Conquest.


Moon Island used to be an island of prison to banish those criminals from the New Ellian Kingdom. However, the location is currently suffering from a dimensional rupture caused by dimension gate.


Moon Island contains 3 dungeons, and 1 scenario.

Available Genes

The following Hero Genes are available from dungeons on this Island.

Klein Klein

List of Dungeons

1 Moon Island 1
2 Moon Island 2
3 Moon Island 3
3.5 (scenario)

First Time Clearance Rewards

Stage Normal Hell Hard Chaos
Moon Island 1 Crystal (2) Crystal (2) Golden Coocoo [Rock] (50) Crystal (2)
Moon Island 2 Leila Sword [Epic] Crystal (2) Crystal (2) Crystal (2)
Moon Island 3 Leila Bow [Epic] Crystal (2) Golden Coocoo [Paper] (??) Crystal (2)
[Scenario] Crystal (10)

Note: Despite not featuring actual bosses, Moon Island 1 is considered a boss area by the game and will not count to the "Clear Normal (non - boss) Dungeon once" Daily Achievement.


Moon Island finally opened to players on May 2016 after being locked for a long period of time.

Until Moon Island's release, Lista was the only map with only 1 recruitable hero.

Moon Island is currently the only map with less than 12 stages, having only 3 (not counting the tutorial area, Moustache Island)

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