Mu is use for her perma stun which gives some defuffs on the enemy too, best use of this abilty is on boss especially on last boss on ToD.

Share your Build

Bulk/Dps Build

  • Weapon: 5 Bows
  • Armor: 5 Chest
  • Ring: 5★ Mastery ring, 3 Defense ring, 1 Critical ring

Obs: You can trade the mastery ring to a 4★, but must be a platinum to get close to 100%, so you don't lose damage.

High Hp Mu

  • 1★Rebel Army Supply
  • 2★Red Coocoo
  • 3★I Performer the Sugery!
  • 4★Pathfinder
  • 5★Ultimate Weapon Gold Tiger

Makes her really hard to dealy with since she will gain buffs after everyone is dead, and higher HP than Valkyrie Valkyrie.

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