Somewhere on Moon Island

Somewhere on Moon Island is the first scenario encountered on Mustache Island and in the game.

Completing this Scenario unlocks access to the next continent, Verna, and rewards the player with a First Time Clearance Reward of 5 Crystals.

The End of World Conquest
Icon Hella 05:"All administrators have moved to each region."
Icon Klein 05:" ..."
Icon Hella 05:"Finally, we've truly begun the World Reformation Council's Silver Moon Plan."
Icon Klein 05:"..."
Icon Hella 05:"Why can't you be a little happier, Klein."
Icon Klein 05:"...Aren't we just carrying out the planned work?"
Icon Hella 05:"...Of course, that is the case."
Icon Hella 05:"I'll be leaving now. **Teleports out**"
Icon Klein 05:"Everything is as planned. No exceptions."
Icon Klein 05:"But... Who is this plan for?"

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