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The Nereid Region
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Nereid is the 8th Island encountered on Lord Lord's journey for World Conquest.


Nereid is home to lush jungles and forests. It is home to many tribes, one of the more prominent ones being the Gold Tiger tribe of which Lilid is from. Deep within this Jungle there is a special secret which is tide to the story of where Hella comes from.


Nereid contains 12 dungeons, and 3 scenarios.

Available Genes

The following Hero Genes are available from dungeons on this Island.

Lilid Lilid
Kitty Kitty
Henry Henry

List of Dungeons

1 Dawn's Basin
2 Abandoned Ruins 1
3 Abandoned Ruins 2
4 Twilight Plains Boss
Twilight Plains 2 (Scenario)
5 Ancient Forest 1
6 Ancient Forest 2
7 Singing Cutbank 1
8 Singing Cutbank 2 Boss
Singing Cutbank 3 (Scenario)
9 Raindrop Coast 1
10 Raindrop Coast 2
11 Hidden Archipelago 1
12 Hidden Archipelago 2
Hidden Archipelago 2 (Scenario)

First Time Clearance Rewards

Stage Normal Hard Hell Chaos
Dawn's Basin Crystal (2)
Abandoned Ruins 1 Crystal (2)
Abandoned Ruins 2 Crystal (2)
Twilight Plains Crystal (2)
Twilight Plains 2
Ancient Forest 1 Crystal (2) Crystal (2) Golden Coocoo [Rock] (40)
Ancient Forest 2 Crystal (2) Crystal (2)
Singing Cutbank 1
Singing Cutbank 2 Crystal (2) Crystal (2)
Singing Cutbank 3
Raindrop Coast 1
Raindrop Coast 2 Crystal (2) Crystal (2) Crimson Shield [Rare]
Hidden Archipelago 1
Hidden Archipelago 2 Crystal (2) Crystal (2) Crystal (2)
Hidden Archipelago 2

*Raindrop Coast Cliff Traces of High Humans [Scenario]: Crystals (5)

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