Ninja Attack is a set item in the game Fantasy War Tactics.


Name Base bonuses
Ninja Attack 1
Gale Throwing Knife

+ Attack

+ Crit Rate

Ninja Attack 2
Stealth Hood

+ HP

+ Dodge

Ninja Attack 3
Ninja Belt

+ Crit Rate

+ Hit Rate


Condition Activates when wearer's defense falls down below 40%
2 Set Effect Increase Dodge by 1100
3 Set Effect Increase Movement by 1


Best equipped on heroes with high dodge but lacks defense, so that the condition can be easily met, heroes like Dominique Dominique. Works great during PvE since most enemies has low hit rate and most likely miss often.

Using Nirvana Nirvana's 2nd skill also works to make the condition activate.


"Coming Soon"

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