Poison Icon

Poison is a battlefield tile and one of the seven advantageous terrains for heroes in the game Fantasy War Tactics.


The Poison tile is characterized by its green acid bubbly floats. It can be accessed by most units, however, those without the terrain advantage will take damage whenever they stay on the tile.

Heroes with Lava tile advantage

Icon Angela 05 Iron Princess Angela
Icon Banshee 05 Witch Banshee
Icon Bearman 05 Reinforced Human Bearman
Icon Deborah 05 Magician Deborah
Icon Deimos 05 Tyrant Deimos
Icon Frankenstein 05 Butler Frankenstein
Icon Gillan 05 Drug Master Gillan
Icon Lilid 05 Wild Boy Lilid
Icon Rachel 05 Vampire Rachel
Icon Rage 05 Gunner Rage
Icon Zero 05 Assassin Zero


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