Poni Poni is a Scissors icon Scissors property and Balance icon Balance type Hero.


Poni Poni was first seen at Vulcan easily distinguished as a Phoenix. Lord's first encounter with Poni was rather unfortunate since they had to fight her suddenly . After the fight, Ian Ian talked to her and it seemed that she doesn't had any hostility against them but rather Poni Poni's real intention was to prevent them from going on further as they might suffer the same terrible fate as the villagers that were living on Vulcan


STATS Star StarStar StarStarStar StarStarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar Star2Star2Star2Star2Star2
MAX Level Lv30 Lv40 Lv50 Lv60 Lv70 Lv70
HP 2,800 6,756 11,794 18,355 27,225 ?
MP 128 145 168 200 246 ?
Attack 540 1,289 2,241 3,481 5,156 ?
Defense 914 1,320 1,112 1,248 1,412 ?
Dodge 365 514 444 499 565 ?
Crit Rate 274 299 333 374 424 ?
Counter Rate 10.5%
Counter Damage 52%
Mastery 7,400
Cooperation A
Movement 5
Growth Rate Normal

* Stats reflected are base stats per star level without equipments, potentials, or skill bonuses


Poni Poni can be obtained Vulcan 4 - Phoenix's Den 8 by obtaining 15 of her Gene Fragments.

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