Potentials, or commonly known as stats among the players, are the measurement of a character's aptitude in combat.

Combat Power Explanation

HP Health points, how much damage your Hero can sustain
Attack How hard your Hero hits
Crit Rate The chance of your Hero dealing extra damage
Hit Rate

Chance of landing an attack to the target

Mastery How much your Hero's damage output fluctuates (Higher means more stable Max of 100)
Cooperation How much damage your Hero deals in a cooperative attack
MP How many times you can use skills (points spent when skill is used)+
Defense How much damage is reduced
Dodge Chance enemy's attack completely misses
Counter Damage How much damage your Hero gives as a counter-attack
Counter Rate The chance your Hero gives a counter-attack
Movement How many steps your hero can take per turn
Growth Rate How fast your Hero can grow (less exp to level)

*The actual dodge rate is determined by Dodge = Dodge - Enemy Hit Rate. So a character with a 50% dodge will dodge 50% of the time, but against a character with 10% Hit Rate, will only have a 40% chance to dodge.

+MP recovery is based upon character and has nothing to do with the total MP It is a number generated by the developers that has no obvious correlation.

The %'s for combat power are found under Hero > "Hero Name" > Magnifying glass > % to toggle between points and % more on stats here: and here

For a max stat guide look here.

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