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The shop is a feature in Fantasy War Tactics that allows players to spend certain accumulated currency.


There are three types of capsules that can be bought. They are referred to as Red Capsules, Black Capsules and Gold Capsules, each with their own pool of equipment that can be gained on purchase. All Capsules have five grades that correspond to the equipment level in the pool.

Red Capsules are bought using Friendship Points which are gained from using Mercenaries and receiving Friendship Points from friends. The rewards that can be gotten are energy, equipment, metals, modification stones and Coocoos. Equipment can either be normal or rare grade weapons and armors.

Gold Capsules are bought with crystals and contain all equipment types which grade can be rare to legendary. Buying 10 at once guarantees one legendary graded equipment. The pool of these equipment also include set equipment.

Black Capsules replace Gold Capsules during Black Capsule events. These use the same equipment pool as the Gold Capsules, but certain sets are given a higher draw chance (the total chance of receiving a set equipment remains the same).

Ancient Coin Shop

Ancient Coins that are received from expeditions and battle rewards can be spent here for genes for the four Ancient Coin heroes. All genes cost 15 Ancient Coins and you can only buy 20 genes per hero a day.

These Heroes are Momo Momo, Mu Mu, Shark Shark and Unknown Unknown


Costumes change the appearance of a hero and give a small stat bonus. All heroes and Lord Lord have at least one costume. Most costumes cost Crystal 600 crystals but some are gained during events, given as gifts or purchased from the Battle of Honor Shop. A hero's costume applies its stat bonus to that hero only, while Lord costumes grant bonuses to all heroes at once. All costumes grant their bonuses even if they are not currently selected to be displayed.

Currency Shop

This is where you can spend money to buy: Crystal Crystals and Gold Gold.


Players can change their nickname for Crystal 300 crystals.


It links the player to the Capsule and Costume page.

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