Sione Sione is a Scissors icon Scissors property and Attack icon Attack type hero. She specializes in dealing damage from a long range and inflicting damage-over-time effects on targets.


Sione Sione is a sorceress and seer who is being hunted by the World Reformation Council. At one point, Lord Lord hid her on his island, a debt she repays by giving him information about the locations of the Ancient Sigils.

She became a widow after her husband was executed by the Elian Kingdom. He is now a ghost and is always at Siones side.


STATS Star StarStar StarStarStar StarStarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar Star2Star2Star2Star2Star2
MAX Level Lv30 Lv40 Lv50 Lv60 Lv70 Lv70
HP 2280 5536 9653 14992 22191 ?
MP 144 161 184 216 262 ?
Attack 994 2330 4036 6263 9278 ?
Defense 1097 1200 1333 1497 1694 ?
Dodge 457 499 555 624 706 ?
Crit Rate 731 800 889 998 1130 ?
Counter Rate 10.5%
Counter Damage 68.5%
Mastery 8800
Cooperation A
Movement 3
Growth Rate Normal

* Stats reflected are base stats per star level without equipments, potentials, or skill bonuses


Sione Sione can be acquired by raising the completion levels of all Islands from Company to Moon Island to 100%.

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