Stats (or Potentials) are the parameters that determines a unit/hero's combat power.

Combat Power Explanation

HP Also known as health points. This number indicates the exact amount of damage a hero can take before dying in combat.
Attack Attack is the stats that is greatly responsible on how much damage a hero would initially do to an enemy regardless of attack modifiers.
Critical Rate It is the chance/rate of a hero inflicting additional damage to an enemy. It is modified by a stat called critical damage.
Hit Rate

Hit rate is the the percentage of which a hero will land a successful skillshot on an enemy.

Mastery The value in which a attack damage consistency is measured.
Cooperation How much damage a hero deals in a cooperative attack
MP Mana points is the number that indicates how many times a hero can use a skill relative to a hero's skill mp cost.
Defense Also known as armor. It is a hero's natural damage reduction stat. The usual for such is damage-armor.
Dodge The rate in which a hero will evade an enemy attack.
Counter Rate The rate at which a hero will do a counter attack.
Counter Damage The multiplier that is responsible on how much damage your counter attack does.
Movement Indicates the maximum number of tiles a hero can move on one turn
Growth Rate Rate of a hero to level up. Fast means less experience is needed before a level up, and slow is just vice-versa

*The actual dodge rate is determined by Dodge = Dodge - Enemy Hit Rate. So a character with a 50% dodge will dodge 50% of the time, but against a character with 10% hit rate, will only have a 40% chance to dodge.

+MP recovery is based upon character and has nothing to do with the total MP It is a number generated by the developers that has no obvious correlation.

Extra Info

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