As Fantasy War Tactics is a strategy game, inflicting status and buffs/debuffs can make a real difference in some dungeons like coocoos.

This guide will generally talk about the different status you see mostly above your hero's head and remind you on how to remove the debuff, if possible. Also, this will serve like a dictionary for those heroes you wish to use who have such skills.

Ailments/Abnormal Status Effects

Note: The following effects can be removed by switching into Mercenary or a skill with debuff removal effect.
  • Charm Charm - hero cannot be controlled; hero attacks ally using first skill/basic attack
  • Confusion Confusion - hero cannot be controlled; hero attacks closest ally or enemy, usually using 1st/basic attack; if hero targets enemies but allies are within target range, allies will also get damaged.
  • Damage over time Damage over Time (DoT) - Target will receive damage on start of its turn.
  • Movement down Decrease movement/slow - Hero has lowered movement; if hero has small movement to start with and decreased to zero, he cannot change position.
  • Disarm Disarm - Hero can move but cannot attack.
  • Movement down Immobilize - Hero cannot move but can attack.
  • Mp consumption up Increase resource consumption - Increases skill MP cost
  • Sleep Sleep - Hero cannot move or attack but wakes up when damaged or when an ally walks on a tile or on a potion; will also wake upon being healed. Certain sets and skills that can force waking up from sleep (such as Yekaterina Yekaterina's charge gain and some other passives as well set items with HP recovery)
  • Stun Stun - Hero cannot move or attack
  • Taunt Taunt - Hero cannot be controlled; hero attacks random enemy or moves one tile
  • Time bomb - Explodes after after certain turns of it being cast; deals damage to affected target

Skill buffs and Debuffs

  • Defense down Decrease defense - a part of the target's defense is reduced.
  • Ignore def Defense penetration - the attack will ignore a part of the target's defense in inflicting damage.
  • Drain over time Drain - attacking a target with this debuff recovers HP.
  • Hp recovery Healing over Time (HoT) - target recovers HP based on caster's attack and skill level.
  • Insta death Instant Death - Target dies regardless of how much HP he has left.
  • Reflect damage Reflect - Enemy who targets this hero will receive percent damage based on attacker's damage.
  • Weaken Weakening - Target will receive additional percent damage depending on skill level scaled to the attacker's damage.

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