Sunset Sheriff is a set item in the game Fantasy War Tactics.


Name Base bonuses
Sunset Sheriff 1
Sheriff Revolver

+ Attack

+ Crit Rate

Sunset Sheriff 2
Cowboy Hat

+ HP

+ Dodge

Sunset Sheriff 3
Sheriff Badge

+ HP

+ Defense


Condition Activates when the wearer uses a skill on an enemy
2 Set Effect Increase Attack by 3% (up to 12%)
3 Set Effect Increase Critical Damage by 3% (up to 12)


A set that increase the damage for heroes who can survive more than 4 rounds, suitable for Carrot Carrot, Jenny Jenny, Chenny Chenny, Lee Lee etc which are range heroes with high attack and critical rate. Preferable also to heroes that can survive long fights however the armor boost hp slightly and gives dodge thus making it more fragile.


Set resembles the outfit of Jenny Jenny.

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