Principal's Office Entrance - Hell


Basic Clearing Rewards Available Rewards:
Gold Hero XP Lord XP Icon Deborah 05
1,208 1,178 27
Clearing Conditions Bonus Clear Conditions
Win in 14 turn(s) SS Clear in 4 Turn(s)
S Clear in 6 Turn(s)
Lance inlude in your party S Clear in 7 Turn(s)

Additional Rewards (Hell)

B A S SS Extra
4 Deborah Genes 6 Mana 5 Mana 4 Mana
4 Deborah Genes 2,278 gold 2 1* Accessory Upgrade Material 1* bow
4 Deborah Genes 1* boots Gold Coco (8, Scissors) 2 1* Weapon Upgrade Material
3 Deborah Gene 8 mana 1306 gold 2056 gold 1 perfect gene
3 Deborah Gene 1* armor 1 energy Wizardry Weapon Type S (3, scissors, 68)
3 Deborah Gene 1* boots 1 unkown gene 1* shield

*additional reward table copied from original Tezen 12 page, data may be incorrect or incomplete

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