Thornbush Icon

Thornbush is a battlefield tile and one of the seven advantageous terrains for the heroes in the game Fantasy War Tactics.


The Thornbush terrain is classified by its gray, spiky texture. It is accessible and inflict attrition damage on to units standing on it, if it's not their terrain advantage. Belle and Nirvana are the exception due to their passive skill.

Heroes with Thornbush tile advantage

Icon Celestial 05 Dragon Celestial
Icon Fruel 05 Combat Ranger Fruel
Icon Ian 05 Black Cat Ian
Icon Jenny 05 Cowgirl Jenny
Icon Muzaka 05 Werewolf Muzaka
Icon Spooky 05 Witch Spooky
Icon Phantom 05 Thief Phantom
Icon Valkyrie 05 Soul Gear Valkyrie


Thornbush is commonly found in the regions of Verna, Tezen, and Nereid.

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