Silver Magic Sigil

Silver Magic Sigil is the 3rd scenario encountered on Verna and in the game.

Completing this Scenario unlocks access to the next continent, Tezen, and rewards the player with a First Time Clearance Reward of 5 Crystals.

Ancient Magic Sigil


Chibi hella

"Patience is a virtue, my lord"
This section contains spoilers. Click here to reveal them.

Lord Lord: Of course, the mana in this area is very unstable. It seems like it keeps disappearing somewhere.
Ian Ian: This word mana keeps coming up... What's mana?
Alfred Alfred: Mana is energy and the essence of the world. All objects are made of mana.
Alfred Alfred: It's the basis for life force as well, and magic creatures like dragons are made of particularly high quantities of mana.
Alfred Alfred: But I've never heard this story about life force mana disappearing... Why are you looking at me like that?
Alfred Alfred: ?
Ian Ian: Ah, it's nothing... Just that you certainly sound like the principal of the Magic School...
Chris Chris: Actually, I had some doubts too.
Alfred Alfred: ?
Alfred Alfred: Why would you doubt something like that?
Lord Lord: ...Master doesn't look like a wizard, so it's only logical.
Lord Lord: It's certain that this unusual phenomenon of mana disappearing is occurring. The dragons are turning into sand because of it.
Red Dragon: Yes... to stop this phenomenon, we need to stabilize some mana so the surrounding mana doesn't disappear.
Red Dragon: Even the dragons couldn't handle the Ancient Magic Sigil. I wonder if there is anyone living today that could handle it?
Lord Lord: Heh. There's one right in front you.
Alfred Alfred: ...Eh? Did you also research the Ancient Magic Sigil...
Lord Lord: Of course I did. I've explored and studied all the relics to gain the genes of the Ancients. Haha...
Red Dragon: !
Red Dragon: Wait a minute! H-human! Can you really handle the Ancient Magic Sigil?
Red Dragon: If so, then I beg of you to stop this phenomenon and save us dragons! I can't bear to see dragons disappearing any longer!
Lord Lord: Hmmm...? If I manage to stop this phenomenon, what will you give me?
Red Dragon: ...You, you ask what I'll give? This is about the future of a species. Consider it an act of magnanimity...
Lord Lord: No can do. Humph! Begging for charity from mere humans? Dragons truly are done for.
Red Dragon: *
Red Dragon: Ugh... But if my species can be saved, I must forget my pride... What do you want?
Lord Lord: You are the greatest person in the world. Please dominate us lowly beings. Lord Lord: Well? Repeat after me. 'You are the greatest person in the world. Please dominate us lowly beings.'
Red Dragon: What, what are you asking for?! Demand loyalty instead... No, I'll do it. I'll do it, I said. Don't look at me like that!
Red Dragon: You are the greatest person in the world. Please Dominate us lowly beings.
Lord Lord: Heehee... Bahahaha! I'm no doubt a great person! A great person recognized even by dragons! Hahahahaha!
Ian Ian: Although he's saving an entire specie, why does Lord still seem like the worst?
Chris Chris: It's just words. That doesn't seem so greedy to me.
Alfred Alfred: He's still the same. *Groan* I should've just awarded him 1st place back then.
Lord Lord: Everyone be quiet! Good! Now I will perform the mana stabilization! Hahaha... Watch carefully!
Lord Lord: *Performs Mana Stabilization Spell*
Red Dragon: It's a success! I've stopped the mana from disappearing! The dragons will live!
Chris Chris: Ooooo! Of course, there's nothing our Lord can't do. You're really great!
Lord Lord: Hahaha! I'm a great archmage! There's nothing I can't do! Hahahaha!
Lord Lord: Good! I even made the dragons submit! The World Reformation Council, or whatever it is, is no match for me! Let's move on to Tezen!

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