Evergreen Forest Lot

Evergreen Forest Lot is the second scenario encountered on Verna and in the game.

Completing this Scenario rewards the player with a First Time Clearance Reward of 5 Crystals.

Exploding Magic


Chibi hella

"Patience is a virtue, my lord"
This section contains spoilers. Click here to reveal them.

Alfred Alfred: I don't know what brought us together, but I'm glad to join you!
Chris Chris: I'm glad we can travel together, Master.
Alfred Alfred: Master?
Chris Chris: If you are Master to Lord, then you are one to me as well.
Ian Ian: I'm glad to have you with us, Master. It seems like we're becoming quite an odd group, though.
Alfred Alfred: It's not necessary to worry about such trivial matters! Hahahaha!
Lord Lord: ...
Lord Lord: This is only a temporary alliance until we defeat the World Reformation Council.
Lord Lord: Master, don't forget that I'll defeat you without mercy if you get in the way of my world conquest.
Lord Lord: Why have you brought us to this isolated empty field?
Alfred Alfred: Oh, that's because i wanted to ascertain something before we fight the World Reformation Council.
Lord Lord: ?
Lord Lord: Ascertain?
Alfred Alfred: Yes. When you were in school, I remember you were an academic student. Lord Lord: What about it?
Alfred Alfred: You still look like one... Can you really fight me with your magic?
Alfred Alfred: If you'll be a burden, it'd be best to rid...
Lord Lord: *
Lord Lord: So I'm a burden now?
Alfred Alfred: It's enough that you use cloning magic. It's okay to rest during battles.
Lord Lord: So you're saying I'm a burden in battles!
Alfred Alfred: A-Anyway! Don't you have any magic useful in an actual combat.
Ian Ian: I'm curious as well, Lord, you always fall back during battles.
Chris Chris: I'm curious too, Lord.
Alfred Alfred: Just tell us if you don't know how to Fight. We'll take that into account.
Lord Lord: Don't act like you're doing me a favor! I'm a genius wizard! How would I not know how to fight?
Alfred Alfred: As long as I can remember, you couldn't fight at all. I vividly remember the days when you were in school.
Lord Lord: #$%
Lord Lord: T-that's...! Dammit. You leave me no choice. Although I'm not ready,
Lord Lord: I will show you my true power!
Lord Lord: **Attempts to cast a spell**
Alfred Alfred, Chris Chris, Ian Ian: #$%
Ian Ian: what about the power you were going to show us?
Lord Lord: Hold on! The magic is not complete!
Lord Lord: **Attempts to cast a spell again**
Alfred Alfred, Chris Chris, Ian Ian: ?
Alfred Alfred: Hmm. Still the same.
Lord Lord: It just takes time because it consumes a lot of magic power! Just wait a little more!
Lord Lord: **Attempts to cast a spell, yet again**
Chris Chris: I will follow you no matter what, Lord!
Lord Lord: N-No! Keugh...! How humiliating!

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