Stone Mountain Entrance - Hard

Verna 8/Hard

Basic Clearing Rewards Available Rewards:
Gold Hero XP Lord XP Icon Kai 05
1130 420 26
Clearing Conditions Bonus Clear Conditions
Win in 14 turn(s) SS Clear in 4 Turn(s)
S Clear in 6 Turn(s)
S Clear in 7 Turn(s)

Monster Info

Monster Property Level
Prairie Gnome 2 x Scissors icon Scissors Lvl 3

Shadow Gnome 1 x Paper icon Paper Lvl 2

Wizard Gnome 2 x Rock icon Rock Lvl 2

Wizard Gnome 1 x Scissors icon Scissors Lvl 2

Wizard Gnome 1 x Paper icon Paper Lvl 2

Kai 1 x Rock icon Rock Lvl 13

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