04 Vulcan
The Vulcan Region
Vital statistics
Level 60-111
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Company Foose

Vulcan is the 4th Island encountered on Lord Lord's journey for World Conquest.


Vulcan is a mountainous region filled with lava, the continent possesses a lot of volcanic activity. Although the area seems inhabitable there are people who live in the region, even rare types of animals.


Vulcan contains 12 dungeons, and 3 scenarios.

Available Genes

The following Hero Genes are available from dungeons on this Island.

Sonic Boom Sonic Boom
Poni Poni
Jack Jack

List of Dungeons

1 Vulcan Avenue

2 Sisyphus Springs 1

3 Sisyphus Springs 2

4 Tangled Hill Forest Boss: Sonic Boom Sonic Boom

4.5 Sisyphus Springs 3 (Scenario)

5 Volcanic Ash Hill 1

6 Volcanic Ash Hill 2

7 Erupting Flame

8 Phoenix's Den Boss: Poni Poni

8.5 Magma Basin (Scenario)

9 Blackhammer Village Entrance

10 Blackhammer Village

11 Blackhammer Village 2

12 Hot Anvil Boss: Jack Jack

12.5 Mountain Behind the Village (Scenario)

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