Water Icon

Water is a battlefield tile and one of the seven advantageous terrains for heroes in the game Fantasy War Tactics.


The Water tile is characterized by its blue and white wavy lines. It can only be accessed by select units. Wearing an equipment such as Wild Chaser or Traveller from the East will allow the wearer access on this tile.

Heroes with Water tile advantage

Icon Belle 05 Healer Belle
Icon Hella 05 Aide Hella
Icon Mas 05 Bard Mas
Icon Nirvana 05 Healer Nirvana
Icon Persona 05 Phantom Thief Persona
Icon Shark 05 Pirate Shark
Icon Sraka 05 Orc Warrior Sraka
Icon Unknown 05 Wanderer Unknown
Icon Yekaterina 05 Magician Yekaterina


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